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Your personalised love story magazine, featuring your proposal, 
wedding day, honeymoon and more!

*Shortlisted by the British Council as one of the UK's top three most innovative businesses

Capture every drop as lost memories are expensive

Why create your very own magazine?

  • Your wedding is more than one day - capture it all, from childhoods to meeting, proposal, wedding and honeymoon
  • ​Your very first family heirloom for the enjoyment of guests, loved ones and future generations
  • Preserve all the details and special touches missed in a standard wedding album
  • ​Created by a team of professional copywriters and designers with real magazine experience
  • ​Order from 20 to an unlimited amount of copies
  • Include a 'Wish You Were Here' tribute page to a dearly departed loved one
  • ​They are the perfect bridal party gift or wedding favours

"We were shocked at how much like a 
real magazine it looked!" 

"We were able to fit in so much!"

"We had so many plans, special touches and memories that would have been left out of a traditional album. We've since had a baby and this is the perfect family heirloom and a way that we can now start 
a new Bailey family tradition!"

David and Patrice

“10 out of 10 for creativity!"

"We had a wild west themed wedding and wanted it to be captured tastefully in a fun and creative way, to really get our personalities across. We were blown away by the professionalism and imagination of the team."

Richard and Lilian

“Capturing history like pictures of us as kids was fab!"

"We wanted the whole journey to be preserved from our childhoods to our first meeting, wedding day and honeymoon. The magazine got our style and aesthetic down to a "T" and the process was so simple to produce.
It was the PERFECT anniversary treat!"

Anthony and Nicole

"It’s lovely to look back at our guests, 
it even had our stag and hen do's!"

"There were so many things that I didn't even remember until I looked at our magazine that first time. They say your wedding day goes by in a blur and it's 
so true - don't miss out!"

             Tom and Charlotte                

Preserve your story with nothing left out

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Take a peek.....

Inside Sarah and Simon's Love Story Wedding Magazine

From Childhoods and Meeting to Big Day Wedding Prep, Guest Fashion Watch and an Albanian Second Ceremony and Honeymoon, plus much more.

It's YOUR wedding magazine,
 as weddings are so much more than one day

Why our story helps you to capture your story

It’s My Wedding Magazine was founded by mother and daughter duo Pauline and Krystle, whose discovery of an old family diary revealed their lineage involved close links to Bob Marley and buried family treasure in the hills of 
St Ann's, Jamaica. 

Unearthing these hidden gems sparked an interest in capturing history, life and love stories (particularly weddings) within personalised luxury magazines for other families. Fortune was on their side as their backgrounds in design and journalism (and a game show win on Channel 4's 'Million Pound Drop!') allowed them to launch a truly inventive way of documenting special lives and events for everyone. 

Now proudly leading a team of professional graphic designers and copywriters, they are supported by 
The Princes Trust and were shortlisted by the British Council as one of the UK's top three most innovative new companies. They're ensuring family legacies are captured and preserved for the enjoyment of future generations, one bespoke magazine at a time. 
Ensure that your tale is told. 

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